UPDATE: Ohio Teacher Brooke Rosendale Receives 3-Years for Sexing Up 13-Year Old Girl

follow link You may recall the curious case of Brooke Rosendale, the fifth grade Special Ed teacher and sports coach from Ohio who was arrested when it came to light she was having a sexual affair with a 13-year old girl she met through extracurricular activities. As if extracurricular needed another degree of extracurricular. At time, as almost always it seems, Rosendale was an attractive young female teacher into water sports, smiling broadly, and soon to be married to the love of her life. Though not the lust of her life apparently.


http://maientertainmentlaw.com/?search=price-of-levitra-in-mexico When the 13-year old girl’s parents found out late last Spring of the relationship, they immediately reported it to the local authorities who quickly gobbled up Rosendale. She was suspended from the Riverdale School where she taught, and eventually arrested and arraigned on multiple felony counts of sexual assault. Though never on school grounds, because that seems incredibly important to the CYA stakeholders to these stories.


comprare levitra online sicuro Veneto Rosendale eventually pled guilty to a third degree sexual assault of a minor charge and was sentenced this week to three years in prison. In addition, she’ll have to register as a sex offender and she was ordered to pay the victim’s family an amount equal to $225. Not sure what that number comes from, but assume it won’t go super far in terms of private therapy sessions required by their daughter moving forward.


best levitra price Through her attorney, Rosendale apologized profusely for her actions, admitting that she made a huge mistake and was sorry for the damage she had done. A very nice apology, though with about a 90% recidivism rate for offenders such as Rosendale who would think to engage in sex with a thirteen year old, I would let the apology trick you into ever letting her babysit for your children. Goodbye, Brooke, we hardly knew you.

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