UPDATE: Monalisa Perez Receives 6 Months for YouTube Stunt That Killed Her Boyfriend

Acquisto Cialis Senza Ricetta In Farmacia You may recall Monalisa Perez as the 19-year old in Minnesota who shot her 22-year old boyfriend and baby daddy, Pedro Ruiz, through a book and through the chest plate with a .50 caliber bullet as part of a crazy planned YouTube stunt. The young couple were desperately trying to become famous on the social media site with daring and idiotic stunts, one more jackass than the next in an attempt to garner clicks.


generic levitra form Ruiz somehow got the bright idea that holding a book in front of his chest would block the penetration of the large caliber point-blank bullet. One of those Mythbuster type episodes where, of course, they use a dummy to test the urban legend. Perez and Ruiz chose his live body over a dummy. Naturally, he died on the spot.

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http://maientertainmentlaw.com/?search=generic-drugs-levitra Perez was charged with and plead guilty to manslaughter in the second degree for being equally as stupid as her boyfriend. Or slightly less stupid if you consider who played what role in the incredibly dangerous stunt. She settled on a deal and this week was sentenced to six months behind bars and years and years of probation. If you’re an evolutionist by nature, you might not shed a tear for either of these would-be famous social media age dimwits. Though the fact there’s a baby to be raised might temper your scientific nonplussed-ness. You suspect Perez won’t be mentioning what happened to her ex in her online dating profiles.

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