UPDATE: Laura Lynn Cross Admits Her Baby Fathered By Her Teen Student, Pleads Guilty to Sexual Battery

comprare levitra originale spedizione veloce You may recall the rather unique case of Laura Lynn Cross, an Akron, Ohio high school teacher so dedicated to mentoring one academically challenged 14-year old that she convinced his separated and financially troubled parents to let her have the boy move in with her so she could make sure he got to school everyday and tutor him in off hours. They agreed. And Cross dug right into her carnal desires of the strapping young teen football player. (He’s black too, which shouldn’t matter, except it does when a ravenous white women takes in a poor black kid and starts illegally banging him, it simply reads socially as even worse, given the racial history of our nation.)


get link The boy was fifteen when Cross became pregnant in 2015. There was obviously tons of suspicion surrounding the entire situation, though both Cross and the teen boy denied any sexual contact between the two. This put the cops in some kind of conundrum, although people were telling the boy’s dad something was up and he was insisting somebody of authority do something about it.


http://maientertainmentlaw.com/?search=safe-online-levitra It took until the summer of 2017 before Cross was arrested on sexual battery for intercourse with the teen boy. And this past week Cross copped to three counts of sexual battery, and finally admitted her toddler child was fathered by her live-in student. She will be sentenced in late May to her ultimate fate, which will almost certainly involve prison time for her grooming and insidious plotting to be with her underaged object of lust.


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go to site As with all growing criminal phenomenon, we see an evolution in the plotting of the perpetrators. In this case, Laura Lynn Cross went the extra mile to produce the situation she wanted with a young teen boy. Full on partial legal custody. That’s pretty intense. And merely goes to show, it’s time to start looking at all young female teachers with a new bit of profiling. It’s a tool you need if you want to ever get a handle on a rising illicit activity.

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