Apparently the judge in the arraignment of New Smyrna Beach Middle School teacher, Stephanie Peterson (married name, Ferri, though divorce proceedings already underway), agreed with Peterson’s lawyer that she was not a flight risk or otherwise and reduced her bond from $25,000 to $12,500. Peterson has become instantly famous across Florida and across the World really as the wicked hot married junior high science teacher caught having a wild sexual affair with a 14-year old eighth grader at her school.

More details have emerged on the nature of the relationship between Peterson and the student, including the fact that Peterson had sex with the boy at her home while her newlywed husband was away at his firefighting job, and also in a barn on the boy’s parent’s property. Some pretty Lifetime movie level running around.

In addition to the sexual battery charges due to the age of her young teen lover, Peterson was nailed with crimes related to sending nude photos of herself over the Internet to the young student. They usually end up knocking off those latter charges when coming to a plea deal, because otherwise everybody gets to see the photos. So, damn them.

Naturally, there is a chorus of commenters online, approximating 99.99% male, who are demanding Peterson be released without charges, and perhaps, rather, be pinned with a medal for her service in the fantasy of young men everywhere. It’s not a great legal argument, but the sentiment is clearly relatable.