UPDATE: Hot Florida Science Teacher, Stephanie Peterson, Sentenced to 3-Years Prison for Sex With 14-Year Old Student

canadian levitra 2007 sales Certainly you remember New Smyrna Beach Middle School science teacher, Stephanie Peterson. Earlier this year, Peterson, 27, was arrested on multiple felony counts when the parents of one of her fourteen-year old middle school students discovered their son was having a sexual relationship with Peterson including multiple bouts of intercourse in and around the married teacher’s home, barn, and various parked cars.

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source In October, Peterson plead guilty to reduced charges of one count of sexual battery and one count of transmitting naked photos of herself to the kid. Still, she faced up to ten years on those charges, with the prosecution asking the judge for five, the defense asking for probation, and the judge this week settling on three years in the clink, plus an additional two years house arrest, and follow-on years of probation. This for the sexual battery charge. The electronic transmission charges was plead out to time served. Still, three years in Florida state prison as a child molester, even a female one, is no joke.

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go site During the sentencing hearing, Peterson’s nuclear and extended family and friends attended in mass, including her mother, also a teacher, who spoke of her daughter’s inherently good nature, but noting that her adult-onset bipolar disorder was the cause of her erratic behavior and very poor decision making regarding the boy. That and the fact she chose to self-medicate with booze, weed, and cocaine. Not precisely what doctors recommend in these situations. Also, her bio dad was abusive to Stephanie as a child. Might as well throw that in. 


http://maientertainmentlaw.com/?search=generic-40-mg-free-levitra On the prosecution side, the boy’s mother spoke of how his sexual relationship with his hot, yet deeply troubled married science teacher, had turned a model happy child into an emotional and psychological wreck requiring extensive counseling. That and the fact that bullies at school were ceaselessly taunting him with the humiliating nickname, “teacher-fu**er”. Make of the humiliation of that slur what you will. Especially in regard to the sexiest teacher in all of New Smyrna Beach.

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http://maientertainmentlaw.com/?search=cheap-prednisone-for-pets Peterson was cuffed and hauled off to the joint to serve her time, or whatever portion of that time she does serve before release. We’ve often seen gender disparity in sentencing of these teacher-student sex cases. And it obviously exists. But in this case, for a Florida hot educator female to get multiple years in prison, you’d have to say she caught no favors.

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