see url Because nobody likes to admit that double standards between the genders swing both negative and positive, there will be little mention of Silver High School math teacher and volleyball coach, Tiana Sanchez, 32, completely skating on four counts of sexual penetration with a 17-year old male students. That equals four meetings, and four shtups, in addition to numerous naughty text messages in betwixt.

enter site You may recall that Sanchez was arrested last Spring in New Mexico when the boy’s mom found the messages and tracked her son and teacher down to their dirty-deed spot out by the local dam and reservoir area. Sanchez was promptly forced to resign by the school, lost all her teaching credentials, and was arrested by the cops and charged with those four felony county. Sanchez faced the possibility of up to six years in State prison and punching her forever ticket on the Sex Offenders List. She copped a plea with prosecutors that limited her incarceration time to no more than a year, leaving the remaining discretion up to the judge this week.

see url The boy’s mother gave a moving speech about how she’s the rare mom who stepped up to seek justice for this somewhat embarrassing crime on behalf of her son and demanded some kind of punishment for Sanchez:

viagra jelly buy online shop “We have to remember these are young teenage boys that are just starting out in the world, that can and will be affected for the rest of their lives. When this incident came to light, my son was threatening suicide before it aired to the nation of what had even happened. He went through depression for many months and is still affected to this day from the actions of Mrs. Sanchez taking advantage of his vulnerable state. Not only did Mrs. Sanchez have a responsibility as a coach, a teacher and as a wife, and most importantly as the mother of two daughters, who she gave no regard to as she drove 45 minutes to Mimbres … so she could go have sex with a minor who was also her student.”

go here The boy’s mom noted that other kids who’ve been sexually assaulted by teachers exist in the area, but are too afraid to come forward and be put through the public process. She also mentioned that without punishing Sanchez, these types of crimes and their perpetrators would only be emboldened.

siezure disorder accutane The judge was apparently not moved by the boy’s mom, but more so a defense witness who suggested that Sanchez has a mental disorder regarding her sexual proclivity that would better be served in out-patient clinic rehab on the outside of prison versus inside where there are no such programs for female offenders.

go to site The judge apparently agreed, generally setting aside any punishment in the case for Sanchez, other than probation. Further, the judge decided that Sanchez need not be forced to register on the Sex Offenders List, though she would be restricted from working with or being around minors. In short, she skated, as far as the criminal justice system is concerned. Obviously, her personal reputation is beyond damaged. You do have to wonder in these lenient adjudications whether there are similar cases of male teachers having sex multiple times with their teen female students and whether, once caught and confessed, they are serving no time and walking the streets un-registered to authorities. Somebody smarter than me ought to do the investigating, though I’m pretty sure I know the answer.