UPDATE: Family of Brittany Zamora’s 13-Year Old ‘Boy Lover’ Now Also Suing School Principal

http://maientertainmentlaw.com/?search=how-to-buy-generic-levitra-online We follow the criminal cases of now so many female teachers across the U.S. and parts thereout arrested for having sexual relations with their students, but we spend less time covering the inevitable and now ubiquitous civil law suits that follow. These civil suits, almost entirely based on merit given the criminal circumstance, are costing school districts across the country millions of dollars in settlements. Nobody is talking about this because it doesn’t fit into the “schools have no money” narrative that these districts are fiscally prudent and simply always short on funding, versus the costs from waste, theft, and, yes, sex crimes, of their own employees. It’s not insignificant. And it’s not paid by them, it’s paid by you. So you ought know.

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follow site The Brittany Zamora case swept this country by storm last March because she’s young and blonde and attractive and she had sex with, and sent crazy hot naughty sex letters to, a 13-year old boy from the middle school in Arizona where she taught.


prednisone 10 mg dosage “If I could quit my job and (have sex with) you all day long, I would.”

– Brittany Zamora texting her 13-year old “lover”

go site The newlywed fit the Debra LaFave perfect story elements to a tee. And she’s likely going away to prison relatively soon for her sex crimes. In the meantime, the family of the boy in question is suing everybody.

follow url We’ve previously reported that the boy’s family is suing the school district that employed Zamora, they’re suing her husband for his role in trying to convince the family not to bring the sex crimes public when he found out what his wife had done, and now they’re suing Las Brisas Academy school principal, Timothy Dickey, for his negligence in not investigating rumors of an inappropriate relationship between teacher and young student before things turned sexual.

go here According to investigators, at least three girls at the Las Brisas Academy confronted Dickey with information that something was amiss between their teacher and this boy. If you know middle school girls, you know they are plugged into the school gossip like nobody’s business. The lawyer for the family of the boy put forth in a civil suit that the principal didn’t even bother to speak to two of the three girls who came forward, and apparently didn’t take the word of the third girl too seriously. That or he simply wanted to keep things on the down low or he was merely just lazy. These reports came in about two weeks before the first nookie took place between Zamora and the boy. Hence, the negligence.

source When this family gets through with the school and the district and every other employee, the net net will be large. The institution will tell you that they run background checks and these teachers all have zero record, obviously, until they do have a record. But what they won’t tell you is all the little clues, sometimes big in your face clues, that exist prior to any of these cases getting too far.

http://maientertainmentlaw.com/?search=potent-20mg-levitra Similar to, on a more serious level, how all the school shooters are dropping tons of hints over periods of time about their future plans. Now sweet smiling seemingly well-adjusted female teachers with adorable husbands and maybe even young kids are mounting young teen boys. You know it’s out there, maybe raise the detective levels a tad.

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