UPDATE: Bronx HS Teacher, Dori Myers, Receives Zero Prison Time for Blowing 14-Year Old Student, Repeatedly

click You may recall the curious case of the 29-year old teacher from the┬áThe New School for Leadership and the Arts in Kingsbridge in The Bronx who earlier this year was arrested on charges of providing fellatio services to a 14-year old student. At the time, the accused, Dori Myers, the wife of a nearby Rockland County Sheriff’s officers, insisted she was innocent and that the hummer allegations were the false allegations of a troubled youth. In fact, her attorney went so far as to suggest it’s gloriously noble women like Ms. Myers, who reach out to troubled students to help, who are most often the victims of these imaginary accusations. Well, that all changed.

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http://maientertainmentlaw.com/?search=propecia-online-prescription This week Myers confessed to the felony crimes of multiple counts of going down on the young boy in various parts of the city. Maybe like a bingo card location game for fellatio of a minor. While prosecutors in the cases asked the judge to sentence Myers to two years in prison and a revocation of her teaching license, the judge decided to do neither. For the former, he went with 10 years probation, which is like prison, except you don’t have to go to prison unless you rob a 7-Eleven or blow more high school Freshmen in the next decade.

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follow site As for the teaching license, while Myers will never be allowed to teach kids again, the judge agreed with Myers’ attorney that she ought one day be able to teach adults. You never know when adults might want to learn high school social science. Regardless, based on her reputation alone, she’s likely to get lots of male signups for her classes.

You may recall Myers made the poor decision to wear boozy flirty t-shirts in selfies prior to her arrest.

cheap propecia uk While Myers was forced to register as a sex offender, which is obligatory when having sex with hairless human creatures, there will be outcry from her zero prison time sentencing as to gender double standards. You can imagine an adult male teacher busted for orally pleasuring a 14-year old girl would already have his prison tattoos and vaseline cases good to go for his sentencing. There’s no way to prove such things since the judge won’t ever admit to it, but it seems present. If it is, does it bother you that women get lighter sex crimes sentences, given that you’re probably jealous of the kid?

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