pfizer viagra no perscription uk Berlinah Wallace recently went on trial for murder in spite of the fact that she technically did not kill her ex-boyfriend. What she allegedly did, however, was pretty friggin’ awful.

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go here You might remember from a prior Casey Anthony piece that Wallace, 47, was accused of tossing a corrosive substance over her 29-year-old ex’s face. Mark Van Dongen (pictured below) worked as a civil engineer prior to the incident, but Wallace’s alleged attack in September of 2015 cost him his left leg, eye, and ear, and rendered him paralyzed from the neck down. Burns covered 80 percent of his body. Wallace denied being behind the attack.

Mark van Dongen ended his life in a euthanasia clinic 15 months after the attack. Image via Telegraph. Van Dongen was a Dutch national who relocated to England in 2011 to attend the University of Bristol. Wallace, according to her half-brother Dankie Joseph Mtimkulu, 49, lived in South Africa until 1994, then moved to the UK with a UK National she had met in Randsberg. By 2011, their relationship had ended and she met Van Dongen. The victim’s brother, Bartje Van Dongen, said his late brother told him Wallace had attacked him in his sleep. She allegedly used the key to his home and threw sulfuric acid on him while he was sleeping. Police indicated the attack was pre-meditated, and in new details from the trial, she allegedly laughed and said, “If I can’t have you, no one will” as she threw the substance in his face. (He had broken it off with her and was dating someone else. Can’t imagine why.)

source link The prosecutor shared harrowing details about what happened next, recorded here by The Telegraph: “It covered his face and parts of his upper body and dripped onto his lower body as he moved. Covered in burning acid, Mark ran out into the street in his boxer shorts, screaming for help. As he was tended to by medical personnel and police, he asked that they check on his girlfriend to make sure she was okay. Wallace did not harm her, but Van Dongen would voluntarily end his life in a euthanasia clinic 15 months after the attack, hence the murder charges. We’ll keep you posted on how this one turns out.

vardenafil prezzo (Featured Image: Telegraph)