source link Ashley Parkins Pruitt, 28, a Blount County, Alabama high school teacher and married mom, was finally sentenced for her November 2014 arrest for sexual acts with, and texting and Snapping naked photos of her body parts to, three different boys at Locust Fork High School where she taught and coached sports from 2012 to 2014. The precise age of the three teens is not known, other than that they were active high school students, which in the State of Alabama, made them off limits for Pruitt, who apparently was digging the idea of taking their various virginities. By November 2014, Pruitt had left Locust Fork High School for the across county Appalachian High School, though the victims in her arrest report were all students at Locust Fork, all three having been students in her classroom at one time or another.

source url Pruitt was initially charged with three felonies and two misdemeanors, and later indicted on the same charges: two counts of providing pornography to a minor, two counts of sex act with a student, one count of sex contact with a student involving three different students.

here In 2017, Pruitt pled guilty to two of the sex with students charges and two of the sending porn to minors charges. The third charge of sex with the third student was dropped as part of the plea agreement, though rest assured, that student was sexed.

go to link For these crimes, sentenced this past week, Pruitt received a fifteen year sentence, however that was stated as fifteen years, with only three served in detention, the rest presumably probation. And within those three years of detention, only one will be in a County Jail, while the remaining two will be served via home detention. So, one year.

go site Naturally, the question will arise as to gender bias in sentencing. Without always being able to compare cases apples to apples, it sure seems like the female teachers are receiving far lighter prison sentences. Whether this is because the judges don’t wish to separate mothers from their children (a hot button issue at the border currently) or they feel women are less capable of being predatory or less likely to re-offend, unknown. Nobody will speak it out loud since you’re not allowed to sentence differently based solely on gender. You’ll have to decide for yourself.