Unnamed Quebec High School Teacher Busted for Sex With Her Minor Students

http://maientertainmentlaw.com/?search=free-trial-of-viagra Canada, like Australia, has a rule against naming arrested sex offenders, a rule likely based on lofty personal privacy goals, but ultimately mostly causing the public to be generally less aware of threats in their neighborhoods and at their children’s schools. You’d kind of like to know if a teacher at your son or daughter’s high school was just arrested for sex with two teen students, maybe, and which teacher?


dove comprare viagra generico 50 mg pagamento online a Roma But instead Canada can fine or jail media outlets that reveal the names of the arrested. Meaning, we only know that a 44-year old female high school teacher from Sherbrooke, Quebec was arrested for illicit sexual contact with two students at her school. Presumably, the local parents will mill about on Facebook and in their PTA meetings until they all know the name of the teacher and spread it via gossip lines almost immediately. Perhaps even wrongly. So thanks for your stupid rules, Canada.

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follow link The unnamed woman will be due back in court on February 6th, when it’s possible her name will be revealed, though a facial photo ban will still be in place. Who are these people? Certainly not huge victim’s rights advocates. Canada can’t even do female teacher-teen boy sex scandals right.


source url Photo credit: Obligatory Sex Teacher at Chalkboard Photo

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