Tozzi and Pitts would make a good title for a police procedural. Unfortunately, it’s really just the last names of two women who allegedly attacked a pizza delivery driver.

Debra Pitts, 31, and Jennifer Tozzi, 34, of Claremont, New Hampshire apparently ordered a Dominos pizza to be delivered to Pitts’ home. When the driver, Daniel Tarajkowski, arrived, he told police it was just before 1 a.m. He said a woman answered and invited him in. He stepped inside the door to find the two women holding knives. He said they demanded that he give them cash and that when he said no, one of them began stabbing him as the other wrestled his wallet away, swiping $300 in cash. The driver was not seriously hurt, but was slashed in his hand and arm and had to receive seven stitches.

Jennifer Tozzi (Image: Claremont PD)

The gruesome twosome were easy to catch. A neighbor called police after she overheard the scuffle, and led police straight to the home. Police also traced the phone number used to place to the order to Pitts, so, not so bright, eh? The women were both found and arrested at a residence shortly after the incident.

Tozzi later told police she had been the one to snatch the Tarajkowski’s wallet while Pitts attacked the man. She said she was pretty sure that the plan was to use the money for drugs. Pitts has a history of heroin abuse, according to police.

Pitts also has quite the criminal history, which includes armed robbery, theft and wrongfully accusing her own father of sexually abusing her and her child.


Image: Claremont PD