Two High School Girls And Their Stupid Boyfriends Arrested for Serving Semen Tainted Cupcakes

follow link Unless you live in Winchester, Connecticut, or thereabouts, you probably missed last June’s neighborly news about a batch of tainted cupcakes being passed out at the end school year at The Gilbert School as part of a senior prank. For whatever reason, somebody got wise or suspicious last year when two high school girls and two guys suddenly became super cupcake friendly and had the cakes confiscated for testing. Not sure why it took so damn long for the tests to come back, but this past week the four teen numbskulls were arrested on some fairly serious charges, including sex crimes, which gives you a solid hint as to the substance found in the icing.

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source The names of the four students are not being released to the public, as they are all underage. What is known is that these four, presumably two of them being the ingredient donors, cooked up a plot to serve tainted cupcakes before school to students they disliked and a teacher or two also in disfavor. Imagine the willpower need to hold back chuckles as you nastily pass along your seed, or the seed you helped release from your boyfriend, in the form of food to unsuspecting fellow classmates and faculty. Hahahaha– wait, what? Who comes up with these ideas. (The police used DNA evidence to match the boys to the cupcakes, by the way, in case you were sick with wonder.)

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see You may notice the “17” logo on the cupcakes, presumably sold as a 17th birthday cupcake when distributed, but the 7’s with the dash line through them were the semen laced treats. In this manner, the foursome could keep their friends from swallowing jizz. Quite kind really. Like a school shooter who lets the nice kids go, only this school shooter is ejaculating into students’ mouths against their will, rather than using bullets. Close call on what you might choose if given the option.

go site The four juveniles now face charges of fourth-degree conspiracy to commit sexual assault, fourth-degree sexual assault, and second-degree breach of peace. I love a practical joke as much as the next guy, but the senior pranks that result in a bunch of people now having to be tested for potential virulent STDs seems far more sadistic than funny. Kind of pigs-blood on Carrie type of thing. If there’s any justice, these four will be trapped inside the school gym with a fire hose and electrical fires closing in.

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