Two Female Elementary School Teachers Arrested for Excessive Bullying of an 11-Year Old

see What’s this world coming to? My grandmother used to say that about things such as the price of a postage stamp rising two cents or discovering styrofoam wasn’t super good for your lifespan. I often imagine what she might’ve said about some of the more prominent evolutionary developments of malfeasance and cruelty on the covers of today’s digital newspapers.

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is generic levitra safe 44-year old teacher Ann Marie Shelvin had a vendetta of unknown origin against an 11-year old girl in her class, who she herself treated harshly and even cruelly, if you consider encouraging a fifth grader to commit suicide technically cruel. You ought.

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acquistare vardenafil online garanzia To further her malicious vengeance against a four foot tall opponent, Shelvin enlisted the support of three girls in the class of Washington Elementary in St. Landry Parish, Louisiana school. She urged her little hench-girls to make the 11-year old student miserable. If they didn’t, she threatened to fail them. Who is this woman? The 11-year old student’s mom eventually found out about the bullying and filed a report with both the local Sheriff and the school board. Zilch seemed to happen. Go figure. So the mom went back to the Sheriff and forced the issue by filing a criminal allegation against the teacher. Smarter move. Law enforcement was obligated to investigate. Following rounds of interviews exposing Shelvin, she was arrested on a host of charges related to being a super shitty person and teacher and one mean SOB to children. So, witchery.

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real cialis super active If the story ended with Shelvin being escorted out of class by the cops and students cheering, this would be a feel good movie ending. It’s not. It’s real life. According to one of the mother’s of a student in the classroom, Shelvin was replaced in class by her former teaching assistant, 50-year old Tracy Gallow. Gallow immediately turned to one of the girls in the class who had been coerced into being a bully and reported that to the principal, and began physically intimidating the little girl. Snitches get stitches, even in grammar school. Detectives in the follow up case of Ms. Gallow, have video surveillance footage depicting Gallow shoving the girl out of the bleachers in the gym. Twice. Who is this woman? Gallow was subsequently arrested and joins Shelvin now under the cloud of criminal charges for being a horrible person to kids.

acquisto viagra svizzera Teaching seems like an odd professional choice for a grown person who has a problem with children. If eleven-year olds don’t drive you to the brink of madness, if not violence, there’s problem something wrong with you. Or you’re simply too nice. Either way, your calling is teacher. If children make you want to pull your hair out, and or build a secret fascist cabal of bullies to make them suffer, consider the iron welding or boating services industries. Teaching may not be for you. It’s still optional. Get out before you, you know, push a sixty-five pound kid from the bleachers. Enjoy jail.

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