see Commercially speaking, it’s a great time to be a hot blonde huntress and fisherman, or fisher-woman. Men like to see women doing tough outdoorsy sports stuff, especially if they look good doing it. It’s a thing. Ask Danica Patrick.

find and buy sildenafil professional Larysa Switlyk, 33, is a featured adventurer in the YouTube and hard to find basic cable channel show, Larysa Unleashed. To her credit, she seems to be actually quite good at her avocation. She’s been selected at least on the fishing side to multiple U.S. teams for international competition. Plus she’s got a great story about working in New York and giving it all up to move to Florida and start tracking and catching or shooting things. I only know the get drunk, yahoo type hunters, so I’m not actually that familiar with the people who take it super seriously. I try not to mock other people’s passion projects. I play competitive Jenga.

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free levitra samples Switlyk is in a heap of trouble though now in Scotland, more specifically, an island off of Scotland where she went and hunted down a goat, made it bloody, took a selfie, and added a blood covered sex toy in her photo for some reason she’s likely second guessing at the moment. That sex toy bit isn’t a crime, but apparently there are numerous violations in hunting these goats for pure sport. As in, not in service of any prescribed culling or hunt. Switlyk appeared to be on a vacation with her girlfriend hunters simply chasing down and shooting these furry goats of the Northern latitudes. And a latex fisting arm. Girls and their outings. Apparently this isn’t the first time Switlyk has been in the area and posting such trophy goat photos. It seems like the Scottish officials pressed by Instagram users outraged by the blood sport are now considering some strong gun charges against Switlyk. Can’t deny the killing part when you’re posting selfies. Since Switlyk is a U.S. citizen, you’re more likely to see something along the lines of an official, Don’t Come Back to Scotland, coming out of this. It can’t be that hard to find more goats to shoot elsewhere. – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

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