This one’s a choose-your-own-adventure. Pretend you’re a member of the Leicester court that must determine if Emma-Jayne Magson, 23, stabbed James Knight, 26, in self-defense or just cuz.

Emma-Jayne and James had only been dating for six months when she pierced his heart with a steak knife following a drunken argument. Their relationship had always been volatile, but on the night of the murder, prosecutors say Emma-Jayne was particularly cold and vicious. The couple had gone out drinking (James allegedly smoked weed and did coke), then returned to Emma-Jayne’s place. CCTV footage showed it’d already been one hell of a night. James got a talking to from a security officer for misbehaving outside of a bar, and at one point, James was spotted shoving EJ before the two apparently reconciled and began walking hand-in-hand. When they reached EJ’s home, the trouble began anew.

James Knight (Image: Leicester Mercery)
James Knight (Image: Leicester Mercery)

If you believe EJ, it all went down in the kitchen, and she only grabbed the steak knife by chance. A violent James grabbed her by the throat, she claims, and she desperately reached for whatever was in the sink. Just her luck, it happened to be a sharp, long knife that she grabbed by the hilt and plunged 11.5 centimeters deep into her lover’s chest. EJ said she didn’t immediately see the blood and that went he staggered away and collapsed face-down in the lawn, she assumed it was because he was so drunk.

James’ brother happened to live nearby and came to see what was going on when he heard yelling. He found his brother outside on the grass, face-down. He said Emma-Jayne tried to tell him that he’d gotten too drunk. Once James’ brother helped Emma-Jayne get him back in the house, she shooed him away. Not sure how the brother didn’t notice the big knife wound, but hey, it was dark? Emma-Jayne said she only realized something was seriously wrong later, after she’d gotten ready for bed and returned to check on him and noticed how pale he was. That’s when she rang 999 for help, but by then, it was too late.

The prosecution claims that she knowingly and angrily stabbed him not in the kitchen, but on the doorstep, meaning James didn’t stagger too far. They allege that she chose to prevent him from receiving timely medical aid to “silence” him, and that she must have known what she did immediately, as she texted her mother something foreboding. “Mum, I’ve done something really bad.” The prosecution also noted that James had no defensive wounds, asserting that EJ had taken him by surprise, perhaps upon opening the door.

So, which is it? Was Emma-Jayne a confused woman just trying to fend off her raging jerk of a boyfriend? Or was she a cold and calculating killer who prevented her boyfriend from getting medical attention so that he’d never be able to tell anyone what she’d done? The trial is currently underway.

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