Topless Woman Challenges Indecency Laws at Minnesota Beach

viagra type medication The most amazing part of this otherwise feminist-protest story may be the fact that there are sandy beaches in Minnesota. Who knew?

Michelle Bennett, a photographer, so by definition more caring than hardworking, took to the beach in Duluth, Minnesota with a few friends and proceeded to sunbathe topless. I’d make fun of Minnesota, but pretty much any beach in the country where there are moms and families about will produce at least one woman coming to complain about the topless sunbather. On this task, the dads are never sent over.

A conversation proceeded between Bennett and the concerned mom that likely went something like “blah blah blah kids” and “blah blah blah civil rights”. Not that the “sexism” charge can’t be lobbed in a woman-to-woman conversation. Hence, why the dads aren’t sent over. Also, because dads like exposed tits. Simple fact.

Michelle Bennett is a photographer. It’s like being a barista but nobody ends up getting their coffee.

Concerned mom went to the police who went to Bennett and explained that it’s against the law to be topless on the beach. Bennett, who claimed to want to be topless at the beach to perfect her tan and enjoy her recreational time, quickly quoted city statute that said only “lewd” nudity was illegal, as in the baring of breasts for titillation purposes. The perfect word there, titillation.

The cop was something confounded and spent some parts of the next hour talking back and forth with HQ about whether or not topless sunbathing really was against Duluth law. In the end, they called a truce, with no arrest.

Naturally, Bennett got the stories in all the Duluth papers and some feminist blogs beyond, challenging the sexist nature of a law that lets men be topless but not women at the beach. Because, let’s be honest, that’s what this entire charade was about. But a quote in case you don’t believe me:

She shared her story on social media and with local news stations, and she’s been overwhelmingly bolstered with support.

Citypages article

Women can wear the skimpiest of bikinis to any beach, and there are nude or clothing optional beaches, so going topless at a public beach, unless you have a French twang, is intended to make a statement.

A woman on a mission, an important, serious mission — boob equality.

Obviously, as a man, I join all other men in saying, let them be topless. The karmic caveat to that being that the percent of incredibly hot women who will choose to be topless will remain approximately zero, while lesbian photographers of all shapes and sizes will rise by twenty percent. This keeps the beaches from being overcrowded.

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