I shouldn’t even need to say that ebola is not a person at all. It’s a country in Africa where this disease came from monkeys and now people who live all the way in America are going to be sick from it. Why do you want to give that a trophy? I think people I don’t even like like Hillary Clinton or authority should win instead of ebola. Its gross really. This is why I don’t read this magazine any more or never did. Its no different than a girl at the bar unbuttoning her top so guys will buy her drinks. I’ve done it before and it is so lame.

Somebody once told me that maybe I’m crazy and the world is insane. I think that’s half right. Giving a big award to a disease can’t just seem wrong to me, right? Maybe next year they’ll give it to murderers or people who have done worse things. I hope people cancel their subscriptions. When the mailmen get upset because there’s no more magazines to deliver┬áthan they will know what a mistake they made.