Theresa Ramirez Accused of Giving Teen Special Needs Student $300, Booze, & Weed For Sex Take it from me, a woman: it’s not often that you have to beguile a man into having sex with you by offering them alcohol, marijuana, and money. In fact, I’d say that getting laid just about never requires more than a few swipes on Tinder. But what if you’re a disgusting cretin trying to seduce a teenage special needs student? Well, in that case…


buy cialis online without prescription Enter Theresa Ramirez, a 36-year-old former teacher’s aid from Fresno. Detective Frank Avila with the Fresno PD recently testified that Ramirez gave a 16-year-old student booze and weed before asking him for sex. According to the testimony, the victim said no, but caved when Ramirez offered him $300.

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see The boy claimed that he had gone to Ramirez’s home for sex many times. Sometimes she’d even pick him up. His friends would come, too, and they were allowed to drink and smoke weed while he and Ramirez had sex, the student claimed. By the time Ramirez was arrested, she had already been fired from her job for not showing up to work.

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Justine Nelson (Fresno PD)

watch Ramirez’s attorneys have denied these claims, accusing the boy’s parents of trying to get money out of Fresno Unified School District. The boy’s parents are suing district and Ramirez. The district is also facing a similar lawsuit surrounding the arrest of 30-year-old Justine Nelson, yet another teacher within the district who is accused of having sex with a 14-year-old male student. Nelson was a substitute teacher whose alleged wrong-doings came to light after nude pictures of the woman appeared on the victim’s social media profiles, which other students reported. Featured Image: Theresa Ramirez (Fresno Police Dept.) 

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