This past week, Loudoun, Virginia sheriff’s deputies arrested Hillside Elementary School teacher, Lindsay Mages, 28, on charges of an “inappropriate non-sexual relationship causing mental injury” to a student from her school who she also occasionally cared for after school. Mages was not granted bail after her arrest, though nobody can seem to figure out the exact nature of her criminal actions, beyond the vague arrest charges. The illicit activities are said to have taken place between Mages and her student and after-school ward between January and August of this current year. During this time, Mages also taught at the Discover Elementary school in the same town, Ashburn, Virginia. It’s unclear which of these two schools the student in questioned attended. And more in question, what the hell did she do to this kid if we’re talking strictly mental injuries?

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follow The Internet is abuzz with possibilities, with some suggesting religious proselytizing, transgender deprecation, or some other attempts to fill this young kid with some kind of aberrant or even merely anti-parents philosophy that caused the kid suffering. This may seem a refreshing break from the far more typical sexual assault stories by teachers upon students we report nearly daily, but wait until you find out the precise nature of the offense before deciding so. I bet it’s going to be a doozy.

go here Mages does fit our typical screwed up female teacher profile of late 20’s, and recently married. Not to typecast, but that’s the sweet spot for most of these female teacher arrests.