Sean Penn Stalker Arrested

Sean Penn is not the type of actor, who relishes fame for fame’s sake. That is not to say he does not relish the degree of insufferable self-importance for which he has been accused over the years. Sean Penn thinks he can make a difference in Iraq … in New Orleans … and yes, even on the Mexican border among the lethal drug cartels.

He inserts himself into not-so-safe situations while insulated by the resources of his fame. To that degree, he is guilty as charged. But he doesn’t like ending up in the news unless there is some kind of humanitarian angle behind it. This is not one of those stories.

Apparently, Penn has picked up a stalker (image unavailable).

TMZ said the woman was arrested for showing up at Penn’s residence twice in two days. On one occasion, the actor was there and called the police himself, though, the gossip site notes, it was unclear whether he was home when police took her into custody. The woman swears that she and Sean have a relationship, but he apparently did not get the memo.

Of course, Penn has a history of attracting his share of crazies, and being one himself, most notably with Madonna. A word before continuing. If you’re doing the math and wondering whether Penn’s stalker and his ex are one and the same, you’re not alone. We checked it out and, shockingly, the “Material Girl” is almost 60 years old, about seven years older than his stalker if you want to be specific about it (we’re sure Madonna does).

Madonna and Sean were in a turbulent marriage at the start of their careers, and to this day, there are rumors each still carries the flame for the other. In fact, in the last month, the two were spotted at a fundraiser getting pretty cozy.

As for Sean’s stalker, we’re sure he’ll be glad to know that she posted a $150,000 bond and is once again free. Considering the cartels may or may not be after him, though, she’s likely the least of his worries.

(Featured Image: Globovision/Flickr Creative Commons)