Texas Teacher, Rachel Gonzalez, 44, Caught Having Sex in Car with 13-Year Old Student

follow url Once more, the backseat of a car becomes the primary teaching environment for female teacher and teen boy student in this lust chasing game of illicit sex we like to call, the American education system of 2017.


enter In yet another female teacher arrest prior to the end of what has been a record breaking year for such arrests, Bay City, Texas High School teacher Rachel Gonzalez, 44, was arrested for unlawful sex and solicitation of a minor, when caught having sex with a 13-year old boy in the back of her car in an empty apartment parking lot. Caught in fact by the boy’s father. Imagine that wasn’t a completely random drive-by and happen to spot your kid scrumping with an older lady teacher in the back of her Accord. The dad was onto the two after checking his son’s phone, which so many parents refuse to do these days, but really ought to if they want to be considered decent parents.

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miglior sito per acquistare viagra generico 200 mg a Venezia It’s unclear if the boy had yet reached high school himself, but he was a student in the school district, which tacks on extra charges for Gonzalez for an educator sleeping with a student. Ah, educator, you have so many roles in today’s world.

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http://maientertainmentlaw.com/?search=cialis-jelly-in-uk Little is known about Rachel Gonzalez, outside of this horrifically poor mugshot taken by the Bay City police, who arrested her after a brief investigation into the father’s eyewitness accounts and turning over messages from his son’s cellphone. Gonzalez has already bonded out of jail and awaits arraignment on some rather serious unlawful sex charges. Imagine she won’t be updating the web with better photos of herself any time soon, save for when she’s looking for a young pen pal from prison.


go to site This truly has been a record setting year in the lady teacher and typically teen male student love whose name dare not be spoken department. If the teachers unions didn’t so vehemently prevent statistics from being gathered on the topic, we might be able to assess this more mathematically, versus a detailed anecdotal approach. Assume that means the union knows the numbers look awful. Nobody hides good numbers.

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