Texas Teacher Caught in the Park With Her Teen Student; Faces 20 Years in Prison

zenegra online Texas, thy name is naughty female school teacher. As much as this phenomena of randy female teachers with very poor decision making skills and a penchant for young flesh is sweeping the entire U.S. nation, there is no longer a doubt the most arrest are happening in Texas.

http://www.poppadoms.ca/about/cialis.html buy cialis online Maybe there’s something in the water. In this case, the nearby Rio Grande, as Juarez-Lincoln High School soccer coach and art teacher, Adriana Solis, 23, was arrested this week for fooling around with her 17-year old male student in the back of a car in a local park after hours.

Adriana Solis Took Her Young Beau to Local Soccer Park

viagra online canada Online! Satisfaction Guaranteed! Lowest Prices. Cheapest Pills. Different Dosages & Packs. Best Medications for Every Customer. Overnight Shipping! Brand As you might imagine, the soccer coach took her seventeen year old brand spanking new boyfriend/student to the local park where the kids play soccer. Hump where you know, my grandma never ever said.

http://amoxil-antibiotics.com/amoxil.html buy amoxil online As somebody who’s now covered, oh, a thousand of these such cases, many of which involving female teachers being caught having sex with students in the park, here’s my advice — stop having sex at night in the park. I don’t know if it seems glamorous in some manner, or you’re simply not a creative thinker, but everybody in parked cars after hours in the public park gets rousted. Were you never hotboxing as a teenager?

When you have sex in the car in the park during the daytime, by golly,
then you’re simply asking to be arrested.

http://docudharma.com/?search=free-trial-of-viagra-jelly At or around or exactly 10:46pm, a clearly strange time to be parked at a park that doesn’t allow visitors after sunset, cops tapped on the window of a car. A woman in the backseat of the car jumped into the front seat like she’d just been caught… well, canoodling her teen student from the high school down the road. As for the boy in the back, he was quickly pulling on his pants.

The Girls Soccer Coach Broke Immediately

follow link According to the arrest report, both teacher and student confessed to their illicit loving almost immediately. Well, sort of. When questioned, Solis claimed she knew the teen boy from her work. It took another query to ascertain that work was as a high school teacher. Shortly thereafter, Solis admitted the boy was her 17-year old student at Juarez-Lincoln.

Nobody took notice when a school near the Mexican border took the nickname, Huskies

generic viagra jelly in from canadian pharmacy As for the boy, he spilled his guts too. No honor among illegal lovers. He told the cops he’d been “dating” his teacher for a few weeks and this was their second such late night visit to the park.

anti-estrogen drug side-effects of viagra “He stated that he removed all his clothing and had only left his under wear on. He stated that the Defendant had not taken off any clothing, but stated that they were kissing and doing other stuff.”

– Boy who just figuratively screwed his teacher

Solis Was Arrested for Improper Relations with a Student

see Adriana Solis expressed remorse to the police and admitted that what she had done was wrong. In particular, criminally wrong as it’s a felony in Texas for an educator to sleep with her student of any age, even if that age is of legal consent, which 17 is in Texas.

dove acquistare Viagra 50 mg online The upper end of the punishment scale for such an offense is twenty years, though it’s highly unlikely Solis, who will clearly plead guilty and save everybody time and energy, will see any significant prison time.

Nevertheless, she has already been canned, or placed on leave until such time as she is canned, will be put on the bad person registry, and never teacher again. Now, at only 23 years of age. All for a little rub and tug time in the back of her car. She didn’t even get her clothes off.

The Yellow Roses of Texas Are A’Blooming in the Teacher’s Lounges

Texas teachers have gone hog, err, steer wild for their young teen student flesh. It seems to be happening at every school across the Lone Star State. And it’s not for lack of arrest and prosecutions:

Sarah Madden Fowlkes was the Texas high school home economics teacher arrested for having sex with a teen boy at her school; made even more famous by her infamous smiling mugshot;

Alexandria Vera taught her middle school student some invaluable lessons.

Houston middle school Latina hottie, Alexandria Vera, was arrested for scrumping and scrumping a thirteen year old boy from her school until she got pregnant.

Texas high school culinary arts teacher, Lynn Burge, was arrested for having had sex with two different teen boys at her high school. Her defense? She was too drunk to remember.

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