Texas Female Teacher Arrested for Trying To Sell Her Underaged Relative For Sex Online

click here At this point, Mexia Junior High School teacher, http://maientertainmentlaw.com/?search=best-price-for-canadian-propecia-online Amber Parker, 37, might be looking at a defense of, “we were just going to rip these guys off for easy money” in explaining why she was posting ‘for sale’ photos of an underaged female minor online, related to her, with breasts out and in lingerie to men in Morocco. As in, what was the plan when the Moroccan men started offering to send cash to Parker? Was she going to fly this young girl to Morocco, have them fly here, or was she merely scamming some North African pedos into sending her cash? The latter is the only explanation that seems heinous, but not super heinous. But I’m not a lawyer. A purchased plan ticket to Morocco would be a courtroom killer.

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free levitra According to her social media accounts, filled with family love and proud to be a mommy memes, Parker is (now, was) an 8th grade teacher at Mexia Junior High in Texas, and a former Sunday School teacher, and apparently a married woman with a teen daughter. It’s not known if her daughter is the topless girl in the photos she was using to arrange a sex trade, because the victim is a minor child and police are trying to protect the minor’s identity. But, suffice it to say, she was trafficking a related teen female and she happens to have a daughter in that age range. So, you may now echo the word “sick” and “double sick” through the halls.

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go to link Naturally, Parker was relieved of her teaching duties at Mexia, because the school issued a statement that child sex trafficking is not allowed by the teaching staff. Go figure, strict rules. She was arrested by the Freestone County Sheriff’s Office on Trafficking of a Person charges related to the minor child and handed a $25K bond.

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