Teresa Gentry Arrested For Sex Crime With Son of a Family Friend

levitra prices american pharmacies A North Carolina woman was arrested following an investigation into an alleged nine-month long affair she had with a teenaged boy. Given that the age of consent in North Carolina is 16, assume the age of the unnamed male victim in the case is less than that.


The Boy Confessed to the Police About the Affair

go It’s unclear what led the boy in the case to tell an adult about his long term sexual relations with http://learningradiology.com/medstudents/pharmacy.html viagra discount online pharmacy Tersea Gentry, 39, of Harmony, North Carolina. But on January 25th, the boy showed up at the Iredell County Sheriff’s Office to file a report as a victim of a sex crime.


cheap viagra from uk The boy fingered, so to speak, Gentry, a long time friend of the family, and investigators started to comb through evidence the boy provided. This included several texts, photos, and videos Teresa Gentry sent the boy containing graphic messages and images. Mind you, this is a heavyset 39 year old woman. But the heart wants what the heart wants.

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Sheriff’s Sex Crimes Unit Investigated Teresa Gentry

levitra professional international mail order Special Victims Unit cops received a warrant to search Gentry’s electronic items, not only for her XXX sends, but also receipts of similar she had requested from the boy.

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female viagra buy online canadian pharmacy As we’ve discussed here so many times in our little female sex criminal primer — don’t create mounds and mounds of forever saved evidence against yourself. Criminal genius does not apply in these cases. Not even close.


cheap drugs net product viagra Police arrested Teresa Gentry the same day they received the warrant to search all of her devices. She was charged with statutory rape (again, that boy must be under 16), five counts of sending pornographic material (namely, her selfies) to a minor, and a couple counts of exploitation of a minor, which feels like an add-on once you get past the rape.

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Teresa Gentry Isn’t the First Family Friend to Sex Up a Child

Casey Chapman betrayed the trust of her friend in the biggest way possible

cheap viagra professional in usa Earlier this month we covered the case of Casey Chapman of Wichita Falls. Chapman is sitting in the pokey on $750,000 bond for three counts of sexually assaulting the 12-year old daughter of a friend.


over the counter drug for viagra If you’re starting to get the impression that modern age, gender equality, and the rise of women in strength and independence also means we’ll be seeing more female predators as we move along — bingo. Women will never rank equal to men in sexual predatory nature, but the numbers certainly seem to be rising.

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