source link Say what you will about cliches, they tend to be based on some amount of truth or precedent. When young black men complain about being often the wrongfully accused in stranger rape allegations, they have a point. A statistical one at that.

click So went the the case this past week in Springfield, Ohio, wherein a sixteen-year-old girl claimed she was raped in the bathroom at a local aquatic center by a shorter black man in his 20’s. In criminal complaint to the police, she outlined an entire scenario where the young man forced himself upon her in the bathroom, how she attempted to fight him off, and how he threatened to beat and kill her. Very dramatic. Also, it never happened.

order finasteride pill In the ten to twelve days time between her allegation and the police announcing they were in fact charging the teen with filing a false police report, you can imagine the concern in the community. Specifically, the concern that a young black rapist was roaming the parts looking to take out Springfield’s innocent daughters. We’ve seen this story before. That’s not figurative, we’ve literally seen this story before.

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see url In their statement upon arrest of the teen girl for her bogus story, for which no particular explanation was given as to motivation, local police noted how much time, money, and anxiety was spent futilely as a result of her false story. Less reported perhaps was the racial angle to the case.


watch I don’t like to cry racism but once or twice a year. This seems like one of those times. It sucks that when making up stories, these girls, generally, always fall back on the young black male as their assailant. A heavy burden you might say.