Two teen girls have been arrested for assaulting a 62-year-old man in Syracuse, New York. According to witnesses, the man dared to ask a group of teens to not sit on his lawn. This is the quintessential old guy thing to do, right? Tell kids to get off his damn lawn?

Regarldless, these teens were not into his suggestion. In the video, which was posted by Ja’Meeka Price to Facebook, one of the girls hits the man in the face. The man, who uses a cane to walk, tries to chase them off, but trips and falls.

After the video was posted to Facebook, it went viral, racking up over 900,000 views. Detectives working with the local school district identified the girls and arrested them. As they are 14 and 15 years old, respectively, their identities have not been released. Both have been charged with misdemeanor third-degree assault.

The man, who also remains unidentified, told CNYCentral that the video has gone so viral that even relatives of his in Europe have seen it. A neighbor said he saw the whole scene unfold, and said he thought there should have been “a closer level of respect from both sides.”

The victim appears to be a cranky geezer and the girls seem to be a couple of bullies, but the real villain here is the witness, for not shooting the video in landscape.

Image: Facebook