A teenage girl turned herself in the other day. But she didn’t steal a lipstick at the local pharmacy or accidentally clip a mailbox on her way home from work. She allegedly participated in the murder of a young pregnant woman. 

The stabbing happened not far from the shores of Venice Beach in Los Angeles. Jasmine Preciado, 22, was hanging out with her boyfriend when she got in a fight with the teen girl and two unidentified men, according to Jasmine’s cousin. The fight escalated and Jasmine was fatally stabbed. Jasmine’s boyfriend was not injured in the incident.

Jasmine Preciado (Image: Provided photo/KTLA)
Jasmine Preciado (Image: Provided photo/KTLA)

While the girl turned herself into authorities, the two men have yet to be apprehended. Because the girl is under 18, her identity has not been released. 

A local news station claims the fatal altercation can be seen via surveillance video from a nearby business. It depict Jasmine’s attackers getting out of an SUV and approaching her, leading to an argument. It’s not clear who stabbed Jasmine, thought early reports from journalists who have seen the video indicate it was a woman. Comments from relatives also point to the murderer being a woman. So, it’s possible that the teenage girl is the same person who would plunge a knife into a pregnant woman, and perhaps this has left her wracked with guilt? It’s also not clear what led up to the fight, or what the motive could have been.

Jasmine leaves behind a 3-year-old daughter. Jasmine’s aunt said that she has not been able to gather the strength to tell her daughter that her mother has died. She said that Jasmine had been planning to leave L.A. and come live with her in Texas, but now, of course, never will.

The area where the stabbing occurred is a popular destination for locals and tourists alike, near the often photographed sign that reads ‘Venice.’

Image: Google Maps