A Texas teen has become a cautionary tale for sexting while driving. While trying to take a topless selfie, she smashed right into a police car.

Miranda Kay Rader is some kind of folk antihero, the kind of dolt that will live on in local legend as the queen of morons. Last week, the blonde 19-year-old Texas A&M student rammed her SUV into a parked cop car. The officers were not in the car as they were investigating reports of a disturbance. But when they got back, they must have been quite amused. They found Miranda hurriedly trying to clasp her bra and wrestle her shirt back on in the driver’s seat of her car. They also noticed an open bottle of wine.


Miranda told them she hadn’t been drinking while driving. Rather, she’d had some wine at a friend’s place and was now going back home. She did admit, however, to trying to Snapchat her boyfriend while at a red light. Miranda did not pass her field sobriety test, and has since been charged with a DWI.

Image: Bryan Police Department