Family of Teen Boy Caught Up in Female Teacher Sex Scandal Sues School After His Suicide

soft viagra next day delivery You may recall the rather remarkable sex crimes case of Tennille Whitaker. In 2017, the 40-year old married mom and grade school teacher was arrested for having sex with four boys at the high school connected to her grade school.

where to buy soft viagra now At the time of her arrest, it was thought she had only had sexual relations with two of the teen male students at the neighboring school, but the resulting investigation led to a total of four young sex partners.

Whitaker Received But a Warning From the School

real viagra online Whitaker taught fourth grade at the Wells Combined School, K-12, in Elko Nevada. She set up a private “reading room” section of her classroom where she engaged in sex with teen boys routinely for almost two years. She collected these high school boys as volunteer student aides in her elementary class.

source site As rumors spread around school of the illicit activities, as they always do prior to the eventual arrests, officials at the school claim they investigated the sexual contact allegations but found no substantial evidence. Which is why the principal is not authorized to be the lead Special Victims Unit investigator under any law anybody knows of. As a result, the school principal let Whitaker off with a warning and a reminder that it’s improper for teachers to be having sex with four teen students at the school. As a random hypothetical.

One of the Student Victims Took His Own Life

drugs like viagra While Whitaker was eventually found guilty in court of her sex crimes and sentenced to 20 years in prison, a substantial penalty, before her trial began, one of her teen male students, Corbin Madison, then 18, had shot himself to death in his truck.

female viagra drugs The boy’s parents blame the shame and humiliation surrounding the sexual activities with Tennille Whitaker for their son’s suicide. In particular, they assign blame to the school for knowing of the rumors and innuendos about the illicit sexual activities and doing nothing more than issue a warning.

Tennille Whitaker is spending 20 years behind bars for her sex crimes, but one boy is never coming back. We’re not entirely familiar with Nevada-specific law in these matters, but most every other state seems to legally require any such allegations be reported to outside law enforcement and Child Protective Services, and not be handled internally. You know, because how all the internal investigations never find anything even in plain sight, because they don’t want to know.

Madison’s Parents Lawsuit Points to All the People Who Knew

siti sicuri per comprare viagra generico 25 mg pagamento online a Roma In their lawsuit against the school and school district, Corbin Madison’s parents point out that the sexual grooming performed by Whitaker was more than mere whispers in the wind. They claim the school principal was made aware of strange-goings-on by the school custodian, two teachers, a parent, and a school district worker. So, everybody knew.

poppers drug ingredients viagra And the reports were of the nature of finding Whitaker sitting on these boys’ knees, locked in a dark room together, and accusations she was buying gifts for the boys and driving them around town. So, if true, incredibly obvious illegal nookie was taking place.

The boy’s grieving parents are seeking $45,000 in damages from the Elko, Nevada school district. They claim there’s no reasonable way that the principal didn’t know the sex was taking place, and intentionally ignored the situation. The result was their son’s depression, leading to his death.

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