Alyson London Arrested

Alyson London is making the case for homeschool look pretty sweet for those of you concerned about what public schools are teaching your children. The Apopka, Florida, middle school teacher was said to have sent 129,000 text messages — many of which were inappropriate, though you could definitely make the point all were — with a female student.

Again, let this sink in for a moment. The girl was in middle school when the texts/sexts began, though she claims the relationship did not evolve or escalate into anything “romantic.” After poring over the texts, however, Apopka Police saw enough there to pursue charges against London, according to 12News.

Unfortunately, behavior like this is not new in the education community, and it’s not confined to the (mostly) fairer sex. A May 2016 article from the Advocate reports 40-year-old Bruce Lanctot, who used the gay dating website Grindr to send nude photos of himself to a number of underage boys.

In the case of London, it is not clear what will come next for the physical education teacher at Apopka Memorial Middle School, nor is it clear if she had any other inappropriate relationships with students currently enrolled. It is known that her 14-year-old victim was a middle-schooler when the texts began before extending into high school.

If you’re a parent and either suspect this may/could happen, then you may want to hold off on adding that line to your phone plan until Little Jimmy or Jenny is in college. After all, if it’s anything teachers have taught us over the years, it’s where there’s a bill, there’s a way.

(Featured Image: Apopka Police)