Teacher’s Aide Alana Chasky Busted for Sex With 14-Year Old Student in Florida

cheap generic levitra 40mg The story of teacher’s aide, Alana Chasky, 35, and the young teen boy who attended the Riverdale Country Day School in Palm Bay, Florida, is one fraught with numerous and obvious clues of an improper relationship built up over several months time.

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get link The Riverdale School specializes in students with emotional and behavioral needs, so you can imagine a typical fourteen year old boy at the school not being at the best decision strength in his young life. Chasky apparently rode the bus with the boy to and from school wherein they became acquainted. Soon after, Chasky became assigned, or assigned herself, to take special care in helping the troubled teen through his schooling.


lasix eye surgery columbus ohio As far back as May, the boy’s mother began noticing inappropriate messages and photos from Chasky to her young son. But the mother says she knew something was up well before that, and not long after Chasky started picking her son up or behavioral “support” in February for after school activities. This being one of those seeming double standards provided to female teachers and a male teacher picking up a fourteen year old girl for behavioral support activities after school would raise all kinds of warranted or unwarranted red flags.

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source url In June, police began an investigation with both Chasky and the boy denying any kind of sexual relationship of any kind. However, the boy was banned from contact with Chasky and vice-versa, a ban he couldn’t maintain as he was repeatedly found circling her home. Imagine the difficulty this trouble kid had in simply breaking off that kind of relationship with a grown woman.


levitra generico Lazio At some point over the summer, the boy was arrested during an attempt to break into Chasky’s home. He was charged with burglary, but that seemed largely a device to spill the beans on his relationship with Chasky, which he did, copping to numerous sexual encounters with her at her Palm Bay residence.

levitra mail no prescription Chasky was arrested on lewd and lascivious battery of a minor and some additional charges for sending the naughty photos. In Florida this either means you merit a long prison sentence or they make you a Congressman. The final results remain to be seen. Based upon a quick review of Chasky’s social media accounts, it appears she’s a mom to some kids herself, which makes this all kind of tragic, though still pretty sick stuff. Either way, the kids get screwed. Ah, life.

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