Teacher Threatened to Fail Her Teen Male Students If They Didn’t Have Sex With Her

http://cinziamazzamakeup.com/?x=acquistare-levitra-Roma This is a new twist on the wildly growing female teacher sex scandals. A Colombian teacher was given forty years in prison as a sentence for threatening to flunk the tests of male students in her class if they didn’t have sex with her. Bold, but you have to give honesty points for the directness.

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get link The teacher, known only as Yokasta M., to protect her impeccable teaching credentials, was discovered by a father of one of the boys who discovered Yokasta’s peep show pictures on her son’s phone. It’s always the nude photos that blow the sweet scheme.

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accutane and digestive disorders This story comes from South American via various not entirely vetted news sources, so it’s validity remains somewhat in question. But if true, it represents a new level in female teacher predatory daring. Or any regular old day at the offices of The Weinstein Company. Exploitation, threats, and sex. As it was explained in health class.


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dove comprare viagra generico 25 mg a Napoli Apparently, some people are angry over the length of the sentence, while others are berating Yokasta for stating she picked her male targets based entirely on looks. As if blackmail sex usually involves a careful, more profound emotional or intellectual connection. Your molester may or may not care about the last book you read or what you want to be when you grow up. Boo-hoo. Welcome to real world, Colombian high school style.

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