Teacher Sarah Lewis Made the Classic Mistake of Filming Her Schoolboy Sexual Escapade

buy liquid accutane Sarah Lewis was a young blond dance and social studies instructor at an alternative high school in Spanish Fork, Utah. The now becoming classic example of “good girl”, married to a charming looking fella, young child, blogs on God and volunteering, and just a wee bit of plying a teen boy in her school with beer and vodka and sex at her house in what everybody is insisting was a one-time incident. The insistence has to make you wonder. As a self-described expert in this particular field of criminal study, you rarely see one-offs. In fact, these relationships invariably continue until found out and exposed. In that way, it resembles stealing HBO.


go to link The police spokesman said they are still investigating whether or not the sexual encounter was “planned or spontaneous”. I’m going to go out on a rhetorical limb here and say, by all practically definitions, planned. Or was a rousgĀ game of Parcheesi on the agenda and one thing led to another. Once you invite the seventeen year old boy into your home when your husband is gone, you might as well crank up the Barry White music and double check your lipstick, Mrs. Robinson.

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Sarah Lewis seemed like a very positive, upbeat, and devout Mormon woman. Still might be.

http://maientertainmentlaw.com/?search=finasteride-long-term-how-to-get The rub of this entire now all too common story is the production of a sex tape between the teacher and student. Oh, no you didn’t. I’ve personally never understood the thrill of documenting sexual interludes on camera. I’m camera shy about selfies at public sporting events. I’m certain the world doesn’t need to see my white ass. I know I don’t want to. Though I’m broad minded and understand for some people this Kodak-momenting their intercourse makes them feel like D-list porn stars and that’s thing. But you have to understand that recording your criminal sexual activities is probably not in the ballpark of brilliant ideas. Or you will when you’re forced to watch it nineteen times in court as jury members cringe and fight over who gets to yell out ‘Guilty’.

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click here Sarah Lewis is being held on a felony count for her sexual intercourse with an underaged boy and a misdemeanor charge for the booze provisions. If you know anything about the Mormons and Utah law, you know the underaged sex thing isn’t as complicated as the devil water bit. Either way, Lewis has been suspended from the school while the criminal proceedings play out.

Landmark High School where Sarah Lewis taught dance and social studies but not at the same time.

go site The way the cases are going these days, don’t be surprised to see the dance and social sciences teacher get hit pretty hard. If you feel a tinge of compassion for a lonely mom who got horny one day and had an afternoon delight with likely a strapping seventeen year old from her milieu, then you’re in my camp. No more teaching, that seems fair. But locking her up away from her husband, who may still want her, and her toddler, seems somewhat counterproductive. Maybe once we solve all the violent and horrific crimes first.

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