A Palestine High School teacher in Texas who every neighbor seems to describe as a salt of the earth member of the community was arrested this week for sexual relations with a male student at her school. The age of the boy has not been released, but is irrelevant somewhat given the State’s clearly publicized law against teacher and student relationships even if the boy is of the age of legal consent.

find cheap generic viagra from online drugstore Samantha Woolverton, 32, was arrested at her home on a second degree felony. Apparently the investigation got kicked off with an indicting social media post. You know that’s how most of these relationships get started in the first place. Now social media will end this one. Students at the school seem to indicate Woolverton was generally flirty with the older boys in the school, or vice-versa, but she condoned their winky eyes and smiling come-ons.

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source link Woolverton faces up to 20 years in prison on her felony charges if convicted, though you’d expect this matter to be plead down rather severely if the boy is of age and there appears to be no coercion of any kind. Though the law is the law and she will never teach again and likely be put on the evil list. Sort of a shame for a lady who merely wanted some from a high school jock. Sorry, did I say that out loud?

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