Teacher ‘Randy Brandi’ Vaughn Tagged With 12 Months For Sex With Student

source If you’re name is Brandi and you’ve been nicknamed ‘Randy Brandi’ in your community, assume it’s not necessarily a good thing. Brandi Vaughn taught at the lovely Madison Southern High School in Berea, Kentucky until she got the hots for one of her male students whom she began texting and seducing into a sexual encounter via electronic device. Of course that’s how it’s done these days, but it’s relevant in so much as convincing a teen boy to have sex with you carries more criminal charges if done over the iPhone than the old fashioned way, keeping him after class and telling him your shoulders are super sore. In Kentucky, oral sex still counts as sodomy, so add those onto the offenses as well for Randy Brandi.

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go to site Vaughn, who now goes by her maiden name of Whitaker since her husband divorced her as husband’s will do when their wives are engaged in illegal sexual relationships with boys, was caught based on an anonymous tip to the police. Assume that tip did not come either Vaughn or the boy she was providing oral sex and intercourse. And an angry parent doesn’t provide anonymous tips about their kids being victims of crimes. So, a jealous buddy of the boy’s or a jealous teacher friend of Randi Vaughn’s. Take your pick.

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get link Vaughn faced up to twenty years on all charges, most of which were waived to speed up the trial. She was still facing five years on the underlying illicit sex charge. The judge gave her one year behind bars. Because she’s cute and has a master’s degree he announced he was certain she understood the error of her ways. Though he still had to send a message to other less cute and academically advanced teacher predators to check their dicks and vaginas at the door. Vaughn shed huge crocodile tears during the sentencing, but considering Utah is handing out ten year stretches for these December-May sexual romances, she had to be feeling pretty lucky. To boot, because of overcrowded Kentucky prisons, she could be out in three months. However, Vaughn will have to register as a sex offender which means she will never teach again. Though Olympic sports team teen training remains a viable option.

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