A common thread among the female teachers we meet who are dabbling into underaged boys in their schools is a juvenile kind of love they feel for their often quite young sexual partners. Almost as if they are giddy girl peers with the boys they are shtupping. But they’re not. In fact, Nicole Wilfinger in Las Vegas was the chairperson of the middle school math department. Don’t tell me you’ve ever suspected that bespectacled married math lady to be up to taboo and criminal sexual pastimes.

Molasky Junior High School teacher Nicole Wilfinger was booked earlier this year on multiple counts of seducing a minor of at least fourteen years of age. Complicating if not precluding any kind of defense in her case, Wilfinger kept a diary of her sexual fantasies of the boy she met by volunteering to help with the middle school football team. And then diary turned into real accounts of sexual exploits with the boy.


Among Wilfinger’s entries into the diary:

“first time we had sex”, “first time having make-up sex” and “first time he was a cowboy for me”.

Oomph. It would be cuter if you were also fourteen and talking about your first kiss. Not thirty-seven and describing sex positions with an eighth-grader. Wilfinger was so enveloped in this woman-boy relationship that she continued to try and visit the boy in disguise even after her arrest. It’s possible that woman pedophiles simply aren’t cut from the same jib as their male counterparts who seem far more predatory and cold. The sex simply can’t be that amazing. Cowboy or no cowboy.

Wilfinger pled guilty this week to all the charges, crying in the courtroom as she took responsibility for her actions. She’s likely to face two years in prison. Not to mention she’s probably no longer Math department chair person at the school. In the least, you have to be able to count up to 18.