Teacher Michele Maynard, 36, Busted for Liquoring Up and Sexing Up Her 17-Year Old Female Student

cialis prescriptions A female Pennsylvania teacher’s aide has been hauled in by State Police on charges of kissing and deeply fondling her 17 year old female student on at least three occasions over this past summer. Michele Maynard, 36, served as an assistant in the high school classroom in Towanda, PA, where she was apparently considered the cool teach who related to the students on a peer level. That’s always a red flag that ought alert school authorities to keep an eye on Ms. Maynard. Though in this age of gender double standards, assume they weren’t quite as concerned with a female teacher being buddy buddy with the teens. They should have been.


follow According to police reports, Maynard, a married mother of five kids, bought beer for the 17-year old student, and felt her up at both the State Fair and her own home during her trifecta of illicit lesbian playtime. It also appears the hubby was quite aware of the proceedings, as texts indicate both his wife and teenage lover were texting him details of their encounters. Not sure if that’s a specific crime or not, but it’s certainly not going to put you up for Husband or Dad of the Year Awards in Towanda.

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acquistare viagra generico 50 mg a Venezia The teen girl eventually told her dad who went to authorities who arrested Maynard on institutional sexual assault (teacher and student) and corruption of minors. That plural in minors because during the course of the investigation, police found that mom had been buying beer for her own 14-year old daughter at the same time she was doing so for her teen lover. Who knows where that was headed given the kinky parents.

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prednisone 12 day 5mg pack Maynard is facing two rather serious felony charges, meaning that at some point, the five kids will be left in the hands of dad who likes dirty texts from his wife about her teen plundering. You hope there’s a modestly high IQ aunt waiting in the wings somewhere.

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