free cialis prescriptions It’s not that you don’t typically see high school teachers running around the classroom with scissors, slicing up their students’ hair, and belting out The Star Spangled Banner, it’s that you don’t expect it on a Tuesday. 

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levitra cheap Margaret Gieszinger, 52, a teacher at University Prep High School in Visalia, California was by all accounts, a cool cucumber of a kindly teacher. Something snapped clearly, as Gieszinger was captured on cellphone by a student in the classroom demanding a boy in her class sit before her for an impromptu Super Cuts trim. She clipped off a swath of that kid’s hair before he managed to make an escape. That’s when Ms. G started chasing frightened students about the classroom with scissors aloft assuring them they’d be next. Her full-tilt rendition of the National Anthem during this horrific turn on her own students completed the scene.

go to site She starts walking towards her students with the scissors and is seen eventually grabbing one of the female student’s hair. Other students around her can be heard yelling, “No, Miss G! Miss. G!” The science teacher starts singing the National Anthem again and raises the scissors over her head. The student manages to flee. Well that’s straight out of a Stephen King novel. I’m saying novel, but I mean movies, since nobody reads anymore. 

source url Gieszinger was eventually taken into custody by the cops and arrested for child endangerment. Not to mention operating a hair salon without a license or a fake green card as mandated by custom. Everybody who wasn’t shorn by Miss G. quickly ran to her defense by insisting she’d gone crazy. Some defense. Though there does seem to be a consensus that she snapped like nobody had ever seen before. 

order propecia online Worth investigating the source of her madness before putting her back into a classroom. In the very least, remove all sharp objects from the room.