Teacher Laura Ramos Arrested for Heading to the Beach With Teen Student She’s Already on Trial For Sexually Assaulting

source You may recall the name Laura Ramos, 32, from last summer. She was the Central High teacher in Bridgeport, Connecticut arrested for having sex with one of her Special Education students. Although the student was eighteen, state law dictated the criminal elements of teacher-student sexual relations, and Ramos was charged. About a week later while investigating the first case, police discovered a second similarly aged boy from the same Special Ed program at Central who confessed to having had sex with his teacher in the electrical room of a restaurant. Ramos later texted that student that the panel room shindig was the best sex of her life. No offense to her husband back at home, naturally.


go to site Ramos was arrested for having had sex with that second student as well, and is currently on trial for the sex crimes. In the interim, Ramos, out on bail, was instructed to have zero contact with either of the two alleged victims in the case. Well, not instructed, ordered. Which seemed to be a problem for Ramos, because this past week she was pulled over by Connecticut highway patrol for using her cellphone while driving. And wouldn’t you know it, sitting in the shotgun seat was one of her two student-victims. Apparently the two were on their way to the beach for a day trip. Just teacher, and Special Ed student she’s currently on trial for raping. Very Americana.


click Ramos was hauled in for violating the terms of the judge’s restraining order against contact, and for distracted driving. Unclear which is seen as a greater crime in Connecticut, but her new bail was set at $250,000, which she met and was released. That electrical attraction she feels for her students can not be denied apparently, though it is becoming rather costly for whoever is putting up the collateral on her bail bond.

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http://cinziamazzamakeup.com/?x=viagra-generico-50-mg-pagamento-online-a-Roma Ramos is in a very bad place at the moment, given that any plea deal the State would offer her at this point is definitely going to include some kind of continued protection order against seeing either of these boys. Can she live with that? You may recall Mary Kay Letourneau had trouble staying away from her young student lover after her initial release. Ah, love, the most expensive of emotions.

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