Laura Lynn Cross had a master plan. The Akron, Ohio high school teacher sought out the consent of the parents of a then fourteen year old boy, to adopt the boy into her home on partial custody so she could “mentor” him more fully. Oh, boy, did she mentor him.

lasix anemia side effect Though the identity of the boy is undisclosed as he remains a minor, blurred photos provided give evidence to the fact that he was an African-American young teen, likely from a broken home as his mother and father seemed to involved in this story from separate angles, and she was his white school teacher. The one who cared. The one who started having sex with this teen at fourteen and by fifteen, it’s now learned, was pregnant with his baby. According to records in the now criminal case, Cross, 36, an English teacher at Buchtel High School, began inviting the boy over to swim when he was fourteen years old. That and the offer to take him into her home for a more stable and educationally focused upbringing were ultimately discovered to be a grooming project for a three year sexual affair from 2013 to 2016. The father of the boy claims he alerted both the school and the police prior to the sexual relationship that Cross was gunning for his son. If he is to be believed, nobody gave a damn.

comprare viagra generico 25 mg pagamento online a Firenze “First of all, she’s a schoolteacher. To get aroused by a child basically you have to be a sick individual.” Charges were eventually filed against Cross who resigned from teaching in 2015, but the affair continued. Nothing could be pursued criminally as the boy continued to deny any sexual relationships.


go site Somebody made an anonymous call to the boy’s father telling him that he was a grandfather. Imagine who that might be. At which point he went back to police who now had flesh and blood proof of the illicit affair. A two year old child. Cross was finally indicted on sexual battery charges this past week. She’s being held on $100,000 bail.

go to link By way of side mention, Cross is already the mother of two other young children. Identities of the father undisclosed at this time.