It’s a good thing when you’re a teacher and your dad used to be President of the School Board where you work. For instance, you get hired in the first place without much problem. You probably don’t get the worst classroom assignments. It turns quickly into a bad thing when you get caught having an illicit sexual affair with your sixteen year old female student.

Kimberly Naquin was in her fourth year of teaching World History at Destrehan High School in St. Charles’ Parish, Louisiana, when she started paying undue attention to an unnamed sixteen year old girl in her class. You may recall the name Destrehan High School as two female teachers were arrested there last year on charges of having sex with a sixteen year old boy. Hmm. Go Wildcats?

“I thought she was cool because she paid special attention to me.”

Compliments and kind words eventually led to multiple occasions of sexual activity back at Naquin’s apartment. That right there is your problem.

During testimony in the case, the teen student noted how Naquin cried after each sexual encounter and begged the student to never reveal their affair for the consequences to her as a teacher. She even threatened suicide if the girl tattled. That seems mighty practical. Also a tad-bit self-centered. To continue the also run, a lot like you’d expect a male predator to act after an indecent encounter. To some it might be reassuring that female and male teacher slash underaged teen sexual predators are now approximating one another. Equality, though not necessarily at its finest.

Prior to sentencing, Naquin apologized profusely to the victim and her parents. The latter of whom did not accept and saw Naquin as nothing but an opportunist and hunter.

“School is supposed to be a safe place for children to mature and to learn, and this teacher has ruined that.”

A bit trite and hopeful, but technically quite accurate. Naquin faced several years in jail on multiple counts for her sex crimes, but was ultimately sentenced to five years probation and fifteen years on the sexual offenders registry. People will ponder if the sentence was lighter because of the female teacher element, the girl-girl lesbian aspect, or perhaps Naquin’s family connections. You’d have to think the judge will never tell so it’s entirely up to speculation. Suffice it to say, Naquin will no longer be teaching World History. I slept through most of it myself. Granted, I was not having sex with my World History teacher. Mr. Califakis. He had great ankles.