Kimberley Peschi is not what you would typically think of when hearing the words “teacher charged with assault.” The trim, pretty 40-year-old from Galloway, N.J., is a music teacher in South Jersey with no apparent criminal history. She volunteers at a church and is raising money via GoFundMe to adopt a baby. She is largely respected among her peers and students — even the student that would eventually land her in hot water with authorities.

It is not clear whether Peschi’s actions in this case were purposely vindictive or if she was just engaged in a bit of random horse-play that escalated out of control, but the teacher found herself answering to assault charges after she used her leg to knock over a sixth grade boy, who was rocking back and forth in his chair, reports

When the boy lost balance and went down, he apparently struck his head. Had Peschi started apologizing profusely and making sure the young lad was all right, this might have turned out differently, but the boy’s mother reports that her simple retort to her fallen son was, “And that’s why chairs are meant to sit on and not rock in.”


The boy reported headaches afterward but a CT scan came up negative and not just because most sixth graders don’t have a lot going on up there, but because there appears to be no real damage. Peschi, meanwhile, is on paid leave pending investigation.

The child’s mother said that Kimberley Peschi was her son’s teacher last year, and the boy didn’t have any issues with her. Police claim there are more than one eyewitness videos of the incident. Official charges are simple assault and neglect of children, according to the news site. We’ll let you know how the case shakes out, but in the meantime, how about a round of applause for a bad teacher story that doesn’t end with said-Teach screwing one of her pupils.


Of course, for every one of these, it seems there are a dozen examples of sexual impropriety, so we’ll try not to get too cocky about it.

Other than that, Peschi is active in her South Jersey church apparently, judging by this Press of Atlantic City story from March 2013.

(Featured Image: NJ)