informazioni viagra generico 25 mg a Milano You get the feeling from the case of teacher Katherine Gonzalez at Milwaukee’s Atlas Preparatory Academy that Ms. Gonzalez didn’t totally accept responsibility for having had heavy petting one night at her home with an eleven year old while watching Deadpool.

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low cost canadian viagra professional During the course of her trial and in sentencing phase, the fifth-grade teacher brought up several reasons why she did what she did, none of which had to do with being a predator. Go figure.

accutane side effects years after use First, Gonzalez noted that the boy in question was seriously and chronically depressed, which led to her opening a romantic relationship with him to make him feel better. The sexual contact merely an unexpected offshoot of that caregiver mentality.

vardenafil contrassegno prezzo Gonzalez also brought up her own instance of being the victim of sexual assault in college. It may very well have happened, but it’s hardly a credible mitigating factor in naked make-out sessions on your couch with a prepubescent boy. An explaining factor, not a mitigating factor.

watch Regardless, Gonzalez was caught when the boy’s mom took her son’s cellphone for punishment one night and noticed a string of messages coming in at 3:30 am from her son’s teacher. Go figure. She’s working on teacher of the year. It’s then she investigated some more touchy-feely-kissy messages on his Snapchat that she went to the police. At no time apparently did it occur to her to rethink her policy of letting her fifth grader have an unchecked smartphone and a Snapchat account. Ah, parents.

follow Gonzalez was given five years in the slammer despite her attorney’s plea for mercy and a psychology report that suggested Gonzalez was unlikely to be a repeat offender. You have to love the reliability of those psych evals. You wonder how many pegged Gonzalez as getting to third base with an eleven year old in the first place.