Teacher Jessica Green Banging Her High School Student Boyfriend on Campus

http://cinziamazzamakeup.com/?x=levitra-professional-prezzo Here’s the weird thing about this female teacher and high school kid sex phenomena sweeping the Western world. Well, one of the many weird things. With all the publicity surrounding these cases and the police crackdown along with extensive penal system punishments, you might think your average emotionally disturbed and sexually ambitious 20’s or 30’s something female teacher might heed the golden rule. No, not do unto others. I mean, don’t shtup your students. But the number of stories and arrests and presumably teacher-student sexual relationships continue to escalate. This might be one of those nature vs. weird nurture situations.


viagra uk buy Jessica Greene sounds like an all-American nice gal high school teacher. In fact, she might be. But she was also having sex with one of the boys at Davie County High School in North Carolina where she teaches. Reports of her arrest include the fact that Greene was having sex with the boy, name and age undisclosed, both “on and off campus”. Whoops. Is it worse that Greene was having taboo sex with her underaged Romeo on school grounds? It seems somewhat of an esoteric debate, but you’d have to say yes given the compulsory nature of student attendance. If the boy goes to meet her at her place or the park or back of her car, there’s some level of voluntary causality. Versus school which he must attend or face punishment. Though this all assumes the boy in his teen mind considers himself a victim of the horny Ms. Greene.

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here Greene is married with a young child naturally. That seems to be one of the common elements of these criminal sexual proceedings. A doctor could probably explain this connection better than I. But doctors don’t come free. So you have my conjecture of unhappy young brides and moms looking for an escape. Also the tremendous ease of dominance and the creation of a rather easy “somebody wants me badly” situation. I could be wrong. Though I’m not.

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http://caseyanthony.com/?search=propecia-tablets-use Green was suspended without pay pending a further investigation following her arrest for sexual activity for a student. The charges themselves may imply the boy was technically of age in North Carolina (16), though still subject to the laws preventing teachers from having an intimate contact with students, regardless of specific age. This is the second female teacher in this same school district to be arrested this year for sex with a student. That second teacher was a middle school teacher, so, yeah. It’s time to have that talk with your boys. Danger from above, as it were.

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