source Another day, a summer’s day at that, another arrest of a female teacher for having had sexual relations with one or more of her students. This is the biggest phenomenon everybody is talking about, but not seriously, not even including the New York Times who keeps telling people it’s not really happening, since the teachers’ unions told them so.

click here King City, California teacher Jennifer Suzanne Jones, 29, who managed to get her social media pages down prior to arrest and publicity, was arrested for having had a nearly school-year-long sexual affair with a 16-year old male student of hers at Pinnacle Academy Charter School, a public school in Monterey County. In addition to the sex, cops accused Jones of supplying her teenaged lover with weed, to keep the whole game going. Cannabis is kind of legal in California now, though not enough so that you’re allowed to use it to bang your underaged student boyfriend. California is only so liberal. Upon learning of rumors of the affair, County Sheriff’s investigators served a search warrant on the home of Jennifer Suzanne Jones, and claimed they came up with proof of her illicit affair and weed provisions. It’s unclear what they found, but assume it’s a day planner with the entry, Thursday, remember to give weed and my vagina to Brendan from third period. Also, don’t let anybody find out. Oops.


acquistare vardenafil Torino The school district released a quick statement disavowing themselves of all responsibility in the matter, because that’s what leaders do in time of crisis. Well, if they’ve got a good risk management department. They obviously fired Jones immediately upon her arrest. Though nothing was mentioned about hiring practices in general, or how all of these schools keeping bringing on female teachers in their 20’s who keep sleeping with students. A pound of cure is worth an ounce of prevention apparently.

q best place to buy levitra Welcome to the club, Jennifer Suzanne Jones. You’re going to want to shorten that name in prison.

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