Teacher Fight in Georgia Middle School Sets New Low (VIDEO)

enter site For all the crime we cover in schools by female employees, perhaps nothing quite takes the cake like two teachers going at it in the classroom. Not going at it like teacher student sexual relationships, but the old school meaning of the word. Brawling.

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get link One of the ladies in the fisticuffs is the classroom teacher at Stone Mountain Middle School in Dekalb County, Georgia. The other is said to be the teaching assistant. The school is keeping the names under wraps from the media, though take a wild guess that every single student, parent, and person in the community knows their names within 24 hours. So, some secret.


see url This being a school run by bureaucrats, the first thought of school administrators rushing into the room to control the dispute was to ask any kids if they had videotaped the fight and asking for their phones. Videotaped? Hah, administrators are old people who use funny old words. One of the kids in the classroom who caught the scuffle¬†on his “videotaper” clearly lied, and good for him or her, because here’s the video that’s running all over the news stations and Internet:

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http://maientertainmentlaw.com/?search=prednisone-10-mg-dosepak This little anecdotal visual treasure adds to the piling infinitely skyward mound of evidence of broken public school systems. Most especially in the areas and environs where they are certainly needed the most to lift a community out of its rut. It’s a shame that in this case, as with all the teacher-student sex cases, both consensual and non-consensual, that the school officials and unions work ever so hard to cover up the malfeasance. Rather than ever focusing on, say, what might be best for the kids. Not that an all-grown up girl fight mid-class in seventh grade isn’t a teachable moment. Once the teachers get cut in the corners and back into the ring for round two.

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