Teacher Erin Sayar Successfully Sued for $750,000 By Sixteen Year Old Student She Bedded

real viagra online On top of all the criminal cases piling up against the lady teachers delving into underaged sex at their high schools, the civil suits are now following on. While the teachers in many cases are receiving minimal or suspended criminal sentences, parents of the mostly boys engaged in the horror of shtupping their teachers are now quite successfully suing both school and educator for emotional and psychological damage to their children. Provided you can get your son not to laugh on the stand when talking about the trauma of sex with his hot teacher, you’re fairly golden.



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get link Kevin Eng was sixteen and a football player at Brooklyn’s James Madison High School, known lovingly in the area as “Horndog High” for all the teacher-student sexual affairs, when his own sexual relationship with Erin Sayar, 36, an English teacher at the school commenced. The relationship included oral sex and intercourse both in Sayar’s classroom and her SUV. Now you know why an SUV is practical even if others question your need for so much car.


get link It was Eng’s girlfriend who ratted to authorities because, well, because you might be upset if your boyfriend is cheating on you with your English teacher. Had to see that coming in terms of girlfriend management. Sayar ultimately pled to charges that resulted in ten years of probation. She lost her teaching license about the same time she had to register as a sex offender. Eng’s family subsequently sued the school district for ten million and lost. But their $750,000 suit this week against Sayar prevailed in civil court.


brand propecia discounts The kicker is nobody’s seen Sayar in some time now. Shortly after the 2012 arrest and later conviction, she was divorced from her husband, who also claims he has no clue where she is. She didn’t show up to defend herself in the civil case by Eng’s family, and it’s unclear even if they do find her, what amount of civil judgement they could obtain from her based on financial situation and prevailing laws. This might be more of a Pyrrhic victory on behalf of high school football players everywhere with girlfriends and also having sex with their attractive teachers. No more suffering in silence.

order generic viagra Photo credit: New York Daily News

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