If these female teacher and male teen student sex romp stories are beginning to feel a bit cookie cutter, it may be because they are continually drawing from the same playbook. 25-35 year old attractive female teacher often newly or recently married engaging in a liaison once, twice, or thrice times ten with a teen boy in her class or school. The happily married pretty young teacher has to be the very first faculty member the boys are imagining in class, but the very last person your layman would suspect was involved in a toward, if not illegal affair.

In the 2015-2016 school year, 27-year old Emily Lofing taught in a Weeping Willow, Nebraska school wherein after the school year had ended, some time over the summer, she allegedly made arrangements to meet a male student under the age of seventeen, sixteen to be more precise, for the “purposes of sexual penetration”. No reason to beat around the bush with the language. Not like the kids are listening. They’re actually doing the penetrating.

Ms. Lofing took leave of the school in Weeping Willow and moved her employment to a middle school in Nebraska City for the 2016-2017 school. Time to get out of Dodge. At the time, the Weeping Willow school had yet to be made aware of her sexual interlude with the student because no charges had been filed.

Emily Crom beautiful college grad with a bright future and a boyfriend.

Given the current laws presiding in the state of Nebraska, Lofing could no be charged with the sex crime itself given the boy was of the prevailing age of consent. She was instead charged with ‘debauching a minor’ which is a clever way of saying, you’re a teacher who met her teen student for sex. Shame on you. Here’s an embarrassing charge that carries no jail time.

Her previous school found out about the illicit tryst only six weeks ago after which they moved to inform her new school employer who Did Not Know What She Did Last Summer. Upon learning of the pending charges for debauching a minor, the current school made moves to kick Lofing to the curb. Lofing resigned this week before she could be fired. She faces her first court hearing on the actual charges in two weeks.

There’s really no state or county or school district where you can turn and say, nope, our lady teachers are definitely not having sex with our male students. It’s widespread, somewhat random, and really unpredictable. Emily Lofing was married only two years prior in a wedding so amazing, it was turned into a melancholy romantic music video.

She found her Prince Charming but still felt compelled to dabble about with the young stable boy. I’m almost tempted to get a degree in psychology if only to explain this rapidly growing phenomena. I think I’m close to an answer. Maybe ten more female teacher sex scandals away. So give me a few weeks.