You may recall that in the first couple weeks of 2017, a Baltimore high school Spanish teacher fled the country after being discovered in a sex tape getting it on with a sixteen year old from the school over Christmas break. Ekatherine Pappas got a head’s up that her recorded sexual encounter with the teen from Franklin High was making the rounds of the boys at school and discovered by a school security officer. As they say in Spanish, no bueno. The victim was 16, according to charging documents in the case. He told detectives that Pappas asked him to leave the school during school hours on two occasions in December, and drove with him to the victim’s home. One of the encounters was recorded.

enter Pappas bought herself a ticket to Bogota, Colombia and put some miles between herself and the police looking to ask her a few questions. The school district terminated Pappas immediately and covered their asses with various disclaimer statements. Good job, school district. You’ve met your prime directive. Do not be sued. Pappas returned to face the music several weeks later, landing at the airport where she was arrested by Baltimore police and charge with numerous sex crimes. Last month, Pappas agreed to a plea deal where the State would drop the felony sex abuse charges in return for Pappas pleading guilty to three lesser sex abuse misdemeanors.

follow url This week, the judge sentenced Pappas to three years in prison, suspending all but one year and one day of her sentence, the amount she will have to serve for her commitment to her illegal sexual inclinations and aggressive sexual education of the student body. She’ll also be subject to five years of aggressive monitoring as a sex offender and a fifteen year sex offender registration requirement. In short, there goes teaching. Though ice cream parlor scooper and the clergy remain viable options.

watch As for the teen sex partner victim’s father, he sees Pappas’ crime as being far more heinous and broadly negative than outsiders: “As a young man, this entire ordeal has been extremely confusing for him, just as it would be for any victim that is exposed to sexual activity before they are at a level of maturity. Our home is no longer viewed as a safe environment, since it is the location where the assault took place.”

go site Hmm. That does sound a bit suspiciously overwrought. As did the father commenting how having a bunch of boys at school see his son having sex with his Spanish teacher be completely devastating. Again, this seems like a very personal interpretation that may very well be true. Though certainly not every teen boy would be brutally shamed by having got some from Ms. Pappas. It’s still illegal. But this language sounds more future civil lawsuit-ese.